Camp Nano July 2017

With July looming, it’s time to make a decision—whether or not you’ll join in with the insanity and make an attempt at Camp NaNoWriMo.  I’m definitely excited about it this year! I’ve had previous endeavors that ended in failure, but I’m determined to finish something with the hopes of publication in the future.

My goal is 35,000 words.

My project is Lilith: The Awakening.  I’ve got a good portion of the plot figured of, but I’m going to probably be using the rest of this month to outline the novel. I will definitely be carving out a solid hour of writing every day during the month of July so I can meet my goal and then some.

Lilith is a twenty year old college student, who is the daughter of an incubus demon and has never been kissed. She lived a (relatively) normal life until some jerkwad decided to change all that.

There is less than a month before it begins, so lets get to work! If anyone else is going to join in, I’d love to hear about your projects! 

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