Life loves to throw those curve balls at you

It appears that Thursday my eldest child wanted to help his baby brother watch videos on YouTube (he’s a little tech savvy so my husband thought it would be okay, boy was he wrong). Guess what he ended up doing instead? He factory reset my desktop. 
The only saving grace I can see in this is that I’ve been using Google Docs for the most part since I’ve started writing again so that bit isn’t gone. Just what was saved onto my hard drive. Now I’m thinking of investing in an external hard drive like Tesia keeps telling me to do.


Camp is officially over and I’m glad to say that I hit the mark I was aiming for! It wasn’t easy writing every day because I was quite rusty from slacking off for so long, but I made it. And that’s what matters.


So my plan for the upcoming months is to work on an old draft I’d finished forever ago and hopefully get it ready for publication by the end of October… maybe early November. The work is called Plunge (though that is subject to change) and it’s a romance novel (of course). I’m currently working out the kinks of the plot and then I’ll be doing some extensive rewriting. I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on the progress of it. Wish me luck!