Your back is a looming wall of silence
a conundrum that I cannot solve
but of course I respect your decision
for there is always a first time for everything

It is when you begin to hid your cell
that a coil of acid settles in my belly
I make sure to kiss you goodbye everyday
trying not to cry when you turn away

You’ve been working longer hours for a while
neglecting our children, our relationship
so I’m not really sure if I’m heartbroken or resigned
when you begin to shower her stench off after work

-Dominica Bolden

Daily Post: Distant


Her shoulders began to tremble as the frustration began to eat at her. How dare they? How fucking dare they! She could barely contain her utter revulsion. Her father, or rather Senator Everett, continued on spouting his xenophobic propaganda to the masses.

Amber barely noticed that those around her were beginning to fan themselves from the steadily rising heat.

Her skin started to feel tight, almost as if she was wearing someone else’s. The ferocity of her trembling was beginning to be noticed by those around her, as the sea of men and women withdrew from the immediate space around her. Murmurs erupted from those witness to her skin changing in hue.

She could feel the fire in her veins seeking freedom. Bracing her shoulders, she strode toward the stage, toward the man who’d raised her. Numbness enveloped her as her empathy depleted. There was no saving them now.

Daily Post: Radiate