“Kara?” At the inquisitive voice of her roommate, Waverly, Kara pocketed her black gloves. She took a moment to hang up her coat and keys, brushing the loose chestnut locks of her hair behind her ear. She uttered a brief curse under her breath at the thought  that it was a good idea to wear a dress today with a cold front coming in.

“Yeah, it’s me,” she called back in response, her voice taking a light teasing tone as she asked, “Were you expecting anyone else?”

“No, no.”  With a snort, Kara followed the sound of her roommate’s voice into the kitchen, spotting the kindergarten teacher immediately at the island.


What I’m working on

“Love you babe,” Katriona hid the automatic flinch when he bent down and cooed at her growing belly. “And you too, little man.”

She swallowed and gave him a smile, ignoring the pounding in her ears and the adrenaline that was coursing through her veins, “We love you too.”

Just a little snippet of what I’m writing at the moment.

A Journey (still in progress) is complete and ready for publication, but I think I’m afraid to submit it. That’s probably why I’ve held off on getting it out there. Maybe after a few more days I’ll feel more comfortable, but we’ll see.

WIP Wednesday

Just a little something I’ve been working on lately. Check it out.


“I don’t know about this, Terrance.”

“Look, it’ll be fine. I don’t really care.” At the sheer callous tone, she bristled.  Really? He didn’t care that after five fucking years spent in a relationship that she was to the point that she was so unhappy that she suggested they should see other people. Wow. She just felt the love radiating off of him in droves.

What she really wanted to do was tell him to fuck off and move on with her life, but instead she went with, “… alright, I guess.”

They would still be together, but allowed to… date around. It wasn’t that she wanted to see someone else. She was happy… or she had been anyway. Lately though, not so much. He didn’t put in any effort anymore and it broke her heart to see him so moody and depressed, but nothing she did seemed to help. And she had no intentions of mentioning therapy again after he blew up on her the one time she brought it up.
“You know I love you, right?”

He shrugged, offering, “Mmmhmmm.”

“I just…” She bit her lip, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“It’s not like you’re my soulmark, Talia. It’s fine.”  Tears sprung into her eyes as she found her hands fisting by her side. That uncaring, utter bastard has the audacity…

“Right. You’re right.” Pursing her lips, she stalked over to the door and picked up her discarded purse and jacket, “I’ll see you later.” She made sure to slam the door behind her. That unimaginable bastard. It took what little self-control she had not to slam it several more times for good measure.

She really couldn’t believe how little he cared for her. Sure, they weren’t a Fated Pair, but they were still in love! Or at least, they had been. He didn’t seem to care much for the past year and a half. Talia couldn’t be sure if this was because he was bored of her or he was depressed, but either way she was certain that if things didn’t change he’d drive her straight out the door.

She stubbornly brushed away the gathering tears that had begun stinging her eyes, glancing at the apartment door with longing as she waited for the elevator to arrive.

Come after me, Terrance. Please?

When the ping alerted her to the presence of the elevator, she gave one final glance to their shared apartment, the last glimmer of hope she so desperately held on to dying out. The tears started falling freely as the metal doors slid shut in the resounding silence.